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Preview Books give you a nice way to view your images in print, and make useful tools when it comes to ordering. They also look nice and are useful to show people your photos if you don’t want to get your album damaged or dirty. Our preview books are bound and printed in Scotland, and are available in hard or spiral bound:

Spiral Bound

spiral wedding preview book

These 12×8″ spiral bound albums are stylish and have a variety of options for number of pages. There is a protective clear acetate cover and black card backing board. Options for 2, 4, 6, 9 or 12 images per page depending on the style you would like.

Pages // Size12×8″
10 Pages
20 Pages
30 Pages
40 Pages


hardback preview wedding album

The A4 size hardback book has an optional window aperture and a sleek black finish. it contains 10, 20 or 30 pages with 2, 6 or 12 images per page depending on the size you want.

Pages // Size
10 Pages
20 Pages
30 Pages

Wedding Box

Middlesbrough wedding photographer album

A great way to view your proofs and makes a great looking little keepsake. Holds up to 150 6×6 inch prints and has a clear frame on the outer box for a print to be inserted. Also makes an excellent contemporary alternative to a photo album.

Number of prints

Etienne Parent books

middlesbrough coffee table book

coffee table book

Our new range of affordable parent albums offer style coupled with value. Available in 3 sizes with 2 different cover materials (Cloth or Leatherette) so you can customise them to your taste. The cover can be plain, have a text insert or a photo insert. The mini book is ideal to give to use as a parent album or even use the larger size as a preview book. The Ettiene won’t break the bank yet still looks beautiful.

19×14 CM mini book with printed cover
27×20 CM Linen Cover (price for 2)
27×20 CM Leather Cover (price for 2)
38×27 CM Linen Cover
38×27 CM Leather Cover



Standard Prints - Additional prints can be ordered at the prices below. All prints are professionally printed at a pro lab – beware of cheap “high street” prints as these wont last long before fading and are of a much lower quality. All prints are colour corrected and you can choose between Gloss & Matte finishes, or for a small additional fee, a metallic paper (8×12 and above only)

Prints are at standard sizes for digital reproduction – classic sizes are also available with some slight cropping. If you look at the Optional Extras on the Prices page you can make some good savings by buying a prints package in advance.

Size (inches)

Prints Package 1 – £200 
Pay in advance and make some great savings! With our regular prints package we’ll give you 50 7.5×5″ prints worth £299 as well as 10 12×8″ prints worth £79.99 meaning you can save a huge £178.99.

Prints Package 2 – £375 
Want even more? With our larger prints package we’ll give you 50 12×8″ prints worth £399 as well as 10 15×10″ prints worth £149.99 meaning you can save a huge £174.

DVD Slide show – £65
DVD Slide show of your photos (you can pick them, or you can leave that to us) which will play on any standard DVD player. This deluxe slide show will play them back synched to music of your choice and, if desired, we will add a Black and White gallery too. It comes on a laser-inscribed personalised DVD in a jewel case, with a lace Spicer Hallfield presentation case (click to view).

DVD With all images – £250 (or £100 with platinum package)

middlesbrough wedding photographer dvd

A laser-inscribed personalised DVD with all the photos on your day, full sized and in colour and black & white, with a licence to print freely. This can be a good option if you want a lot of prints to be made or if you are a creative type and want to make your own album. Comes in a lace Spicer Hallfield presentation case (click to view).

Canvas Wraps

Give your parents a stunning gift or make this the centerpiece of your front room. These are available in a variety of sizes from small to huge. The standard sizes are listed below but we can have almost any size made up upon request. A variety of effects can be applied to canvas wraps – black & white, pop-art, montages – just ask!

middlesbrough wedding photographer canvas wrap

Size (inches)
8 x 10
12 x 16
14 x 18
16 x 20
20 x 24
20 x 30
24 x 30
30 x 40

Box Frames - The Box Frame is an extremely popular choice for couples and with 8 colours (black, gun metal, wenge, silver, oak, bronze, light wood & gold) to choose from, we know there is one for you.

middlesbrough wedding photographer box frame

Size (inches)
10 x 8
16 x 12
24 x 20
34 x 13