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So about a year ago I bought the things I needed to make a new site, but with everything thats been going on I just didn’t have the time to customise it properly. The old site has done me really well to be honest, It’s been up since about 2004 and I’ve hacked away at it since then trying to keep it looking good. I think I finally realised it needed a complete overhaul though when I got my new 27″ iMac, and as the site was written when resolutions were about majorly around 1024×800, it suddenly looked absolutely tiny on the beast of a screen. Plus it had no mobile optimisation whatsoever!

So I’ve put a new version of the site in – it automatically scales for phones and tablets, as well as browser size, and is much easier to update as I go. It’s going to take me a while to update all the portfolios, and then add things like bands, comedy & portraits, but I’ve spent enough time procrastinating lately – it’s time to sort everything out! :)

And as no photo blog post is complete without an actual photo, here’s a photo of Charlie, one of our cats. He’s currently sulking outside while I try and entice him in with some treats!

Charlie the cat

Charlie the cat

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