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Within 24 hours of going up we took our next booking, which was a pretty good result! As such we will be happy to be providing coverage of Andrew and Piyanart’s wedding in Middlesborough on the 7th March – really looking forward to it!

I’m going to be writing a new series over the coming weeks called Wedding Photography 101 – aimed at new wedding photographers and covering the basics that they need to understand before launching into wedding photography as a career. Too often it’s something I hear, that they are going to start off doing a few for free, with no insurance or planning – terrifying if you think about it!

The first instalment of Wedding Photography 101 will be up tomorrow night, entitled ‘Ensure you Insure it’.

The new site continues to do well, but so much work still to do. This weekend I will be focusing on the venue specific pages to get them back online and adding additional galleries in categories, as well as our movie reels via YouTube.

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